Universal Application Data Sets

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: June 14th, 2021

This article is relevant if you use the Universal Application feature. If you do not use that feature, please refer to this article instead: Building New Data Sets


When building a data set in the reporting tool, you’ll select pre-filters. These pre-filters tell the system where to look for data to pull into reports that you run using this data set. For example, in the Available Processes list you can choose specific opportunities to pull data from, and in the Request Statuses drop-down you can choose to include only requests in specific statuses.

Required Pre-Filters

In addition to any other pre-filters you want to select in a data set, it’s important to select the following two pre-filters in all universal application data sets: 

  • The universe (in the Available Processes list)
  • The application submitted status (in the Request Statuses drop-down) 

In the image above, we selected the universe (named "2020 Scholarships in this example) in the Available Processes list, in addition to the opportunities (Track & Field Athlete Scholarship, Pre-Medical Scholarship, etc. in this example). In the Request Statuses drop-down, we selected the application submitted status in addition to other statuses we wanted to include (Approval Draft, Approved, etc.). 

Selecting the universe and application submitted pre-filters is necessary for your reports to include full and complete universal application data. This also allows you to include fields from the application (e.g. “GPA” or “High School Attended”) in a report, even if you’re running a report on approval information, for example. 

With the application submitted and universe pre-filters selected, your report will include requests from applicants who were not eligible for any opportunities (these can be filtered out if needed). These requests will have the application submitted status and will list the universe name as the "process name," rather than the name of an opportunity. 

To include requests from applicants who are still working on the common portion of the application, select the application draft status in addition to the pre-filters described above. These requests will have the application draft status and will also list the universe name as the "process name." 

For step-by-step guidance: 

The following walk-thrus are available in the WalkMe Help Menu. Please note that these will step you through the basics of building or editing a data set, but will not mention the specific pre-filters described in this article.

  • Create a New Data Set
  • Edit an Existing Data Set