Eligibility Center for Universal Application

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: March 2nd, 2021

If you're using the Eligibility Quiz feature, please refer to this article instead: Eligibility Center for Eligibility Quiz


The Eligibility Center is a page that allows you to search for, view, and manage eligibility results. The Eligibility Results and Universe Requests tabs on this page give you specific search and action options. The other tabs on this page are for use with the Eligibility Quiz feature, and do not function with the Universal Application feature.

To access this page, click Search in the upper navigation bar, then click Eligibility Center.

Eligibility Results Tab

The Eligibility Results tab allows you to view applicants' eligibility results (pass/fail) and retest eligibility if needed.  

The eligibility results display in a one row per opportunity format. For each applicant in your search, you'll see their pass/fail result for each opportunity within a universe.

Retesting Eligibility

Retesting eligibility for an applicant tells the system to check that applicant's responses against the eligibility rules for an opportunity again. This is often done if you've corrected an applicant's response to a question used in eligibility rules, or if you've changed an eligibility rule. 

Retesting can be done for one or more applicants, and you can retest for one opportunity or multiple opportunities in a batch.

There are two key scenarios to consider after retesting:

  1. If an applicant has already started or submitted their request for an opportunity, they will not be affected if found ineligible for that opportunity during retesting.
    • This means the applicant can still submit their request if it's in draft status, unless you as the administrator abandon the request.
    • If the request was already submitted, you might choose to deny the request in this scenario.
  2. If an applicant is now eligible for another opportunity after retesting, the system will automatically submit their request for that opportunity if there are no supplemental questions. If there are supplemental questions, the applicant can access the request from their dashboard to submit it.
    • Best practice is to communicate with the applicant in this scenario, because they're not automatically notified about the new request.

For step-by-step guidance: 

The following walk-thrus are available in the WalkMe Help Menu: 

  • UA - Retest Eligibility for a Single Applicant
  • UA - Retest Eligibility for Multiple Applicants 

Universe Requests Tab

Please reach out to Foundant Support (support@foundant.com) to enable the Universe Requests tab. 

The Universe Requests tab allows you to view any universe requests submitted by applicants who were found ineligible for all opportunities in a universe. These applicants' requests would not have been visible on your dashboard once they submitted their universe request (the common portion of the application).

A "Yes" in the Opportunity Evaluated column verifies that the applicant's universe request was evaluated against the eligibility rules for at least one opportunity in the universe.

If you would like to retest an applicant's eligibility, click the Eligibility Results tab. You can then search for the applicant, view their universe request responses, and retest as needed. See the Eligibility Results Tab section of this article above for more details.