Request Copy Overview

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 18th, 2018

Foundant GLM’s Copy Application tool allows administrators and applicants to reuse already completed applications to submit multiple requests within the same process or different processes.

  • For organizations with many scholarship or grant processes, or for “deferred” applications, this can save your applicants hours of time while increasing the accuracy of their responses by eliminating mistakes caused by traditional copying and pasting.
  • Copy is also available for the administrator to easily move an application from one process to another quickly and easily.
    • Note: Answers can be copied out of any stage of the original request but can only be copied into the first form in the new request.
      • For example a request with an LOI and Application stage, only the LOI will copy into the new process.
    • For Applicants - any forms created without all required questions answered will be created as 'Draft'.
      • Any remaining fields need to be completed before the applicant can submit.
    • Note: If administrators are copying the request, they can choose to put it in the submitted status, even if not all required questions are answered.

Copy Application is an advanced feature and is available to those with an Advanced Grant License, or an Advanced Scholarship License.

  • By default the Copy Application feature will be turned Off
    • If you have an advanced license and this feature has not been turned on, please contact support and ask them to turn it on for you.
    • To add this feature to your license, please contact your CSM.