Zoom Meetings - FAQ and Troubleshooting

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: February 27th, 2020

The Foundant team uses Zoom for video/audio conferencing. Zoom meetings allow participants to share their screen, which is allows your CSM to demonstrate how to navigate the software, or for you to point out something specific to your CSM. Participants in a Zoom meeting also have the option of turning on their webcam, which brings a face-to-face element to remote meetings. 

Start Here

If you're not familiar with Zoom meetings, take a look at their Joining a Meeting resource. The short video they include at the beginning is a great place to start - it steps you through joining a meeting from an email invitation. 


I don't hear anything, or my CSM can't hear me. 

  • If you see the Join Audio icon (pictured below) you still need to join the audio. Click the icon, then follow the prompts to join by computer or phone.
    • Click Join Audio. 
    • Follow the prompts to join the audio with your computer or phone.

  • If you joined the audio by computer: 
    • Turn up your computer volume so you can hear your CSM.  
    • Double check that you're not on mute in the Zoom meeting (if you're on mute, your CSM will not be able to hear you).
      • If the microphone icon below has a red line through it, click the icon to unmute yourself.
    • If you're unmuted but your CSM still can't hear you, it's possible that your computer doesn't have a microphone. Try joining the audio by phone instead (instructions below).

  • To switch from computer audio to phone: 
    • Click the caret icon next to the microphone icon. 
    • Select Switch to Phone Audio: 
    • A pop-up box will appear. Use the information in that box to join the audio on your phone (numbers below are for example only): 

There's an echo/feedback. 

  • If you've joined by both phone and computer, hang up the phone. 
  • Sometimes this is a computer microphone issue.
    • Try leaving computer audio, and dial in by phone instead (instructions are in the previous section). 

How do I share my screen? 

  • Follow these steps to share your screen: 
    • Click the Share button. 
    • Choose to either share your whole screen, or just your internet browser window. If you have multiple monitors, you'll see each screen listed.
    • Click Share.

I'm sharing my screen, and the Zoom control panel is in my way.

  • Follow these steps to move the control panel:
    • Hover your cursor over the green section of the control panel.
    • Your cursor will change to a target icon - now you can click (on the green section of the panel) and drag the control panel to another place on your screen.

I don't see the Zoom control panel anymore.

  • Follow these steps to expand the control panel: 
    • Locate the small panel, pictured below. Click the expand icon.
      • The small panel will usually show up in front of anything else you have open on your screen, but try minimizing other items if you don't see it.