Crosstabs in Reports

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: March 3rd, 2020

A cross tab is a summary tool for analyzing the data in a report. For example, a crosstab in an evaluation report might look at the score given by each evaluator to each organization/applicant. A crosstab examining awarded grants might sum the amounts awarded by program area and process.

Remember to save your changes after building a crosstab. The crosstab can be exported in an Excel, CSV, or PDF format.

Follow these steps to build a crosstab: 

  1. Within a report you've built in GLM/SLM, click Add Crosstab. 
  2. Choose a header values column (the variable to display at the top of the crosstab), a label values column (the variable to display on the side of the crosstab), and an aggregate values column (the variable that will be aggregated within the crosstab). 
  3. Select an aggregate function. This is the mathematical function to be performed on the aggregate values column, based on the header and label values columns.
  4. In this example, the amount awarded is being aggregated, and we've chosen a sum as the function. This means that the highlighted cell shows the following data: The sum of the amounts awarded for requests with "Health" as the program area, and that are within the 2018 Fall Grants process.