How to Build an Evaluation Report

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: June 30th, 2020

These steps explain how to create a report to summarize evaluation data: 

  1. In the Reports & Data Sets tab, click Add New Data Set. Give the Data Set a name and click Create Data Set.
  2. Choose the Processes and Request Statuses you’d like to include and click Save Filters.
  3. Select the fields you’d like to appear on this report, i.e. Project Name, Organization Name, etc.
    • Under the Request tab you will find relevant fields including:
      • Submission Assignee First Name and Submission Assignee Last Name (these fields should now be used instead of the Evaluator First Name and Evaluator Last Name fields)
      • Score
      • Evaluation Finished
    • To include fields from a specific Evaluation form, first navigate to the Application or LOI tab, and then to the Evaluation tab within that stage.  
  4. If you utilize multiple evaluation stages and would like to view only one stage of evaluation data in this report, include the Form Name field so that you may filter your report.
    • That field can be found in the Request tab.
  5. Select One row per Evaluation in the dropdown in the top right corner of the screen. Then click Run New Report.
  6. Now you may further work with the data in your report. 
    • A common first step is to use the Group option (available by clicking the gear icon) to group your data by Project Name or by Evaluator. 
    • After grouping the data, you could use the Aggregate option (available by clicking the gear icon) to show the average of the scores. 
    • If you included the Evaluation Finished field, you may filter to only show completed evaluations. 
      • Click the Filter button, select that field in the column dropdown.
      • Select "=" in the comparison dropdown.
      • Type "True" as the value. 
      • Then click Add.
  7. If you utilize multiple evaluation stages, you may now filter to only show one stage (i.e. your first Application stage).
    • Click the Filter button, and select Evaluation Form Name in the column dropdown.
    • Select “=” in the comparison dropdown.
    •  Type the name of the evaluation form for the stage you’d like to see in this report.
    • Click Add.
  8.  Click Save New Report and give it a name that you’ll recognize. Be sure to click Save Changes after making any additional edits to the report.