Reset Two-Factor Authentication for a User

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: May 6th, 2020

Refer to this article for instructions on setting up a two-factor authentication requirement for users: Two-Factor Authentication.

Occasionally a user may need to have two-factor authentication reset for their account. For example, if they need to change the authentication app they use. After resetting, the user will need to set up two-factor authentication again the next time they log on. 

Follow these steps to reset two-factor authentication for a user's account: 

  1. Navigate to the Users search page, by click Search in the upper navigation bar and selecting Users
  2. Perform a search to find the user. 
  3. Click the Pencil Icon next to the user in the list. 
  4. Deselect Enabled in the Two-Factor Authentication section. 
  5. Click Save.