Foundation Center's eGrant Reporting Program (eReport Map)

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: March 24th, 2020

Please note: Foundation Center and GuideStar recently joined forces to become Candid (learn more here: Candid). Links and email addresses in the resource below have been updated accordingly.

What is the eGrant Reporting Program History:  Foundation Center’s eReporting Program enables grantmakers, to quickly and easily share grants data with the field; making it searchable across several platforms and research projects.  Foundant clients who participate in the program will be provided with a premium version of Foundation Center’s newest mapping platform Foundation Maps that reflects your own foundation's grantmaking activity in a highly interactive tool, accessible directly from your Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) Platform (Here’s a link to an example map).  

These complimentary maps benefit both internal and external stakeholders and can be used by your staff, included in presentations to your board, or posted on your intranet or public web site.   We currently have over 100 clients who are eReporting to Foundation Center via their Foundant eGrant Report.  Click here to find more information about the program on the Foundation Center’s eReport Website:

Why Should I Participate?

  • Share info widely in an efficient manner and without any duplication efforts
  • Use the data to pro-actively think about what your grant data is saying about you as a grantmaker.
  • The sector as a whole needs better quality and more timely info than what is publicly being shared on 990s. Grant makers need to be both consumers and participants in the “Virtuous Circle of Data”.  Everyone will benefit from this “Virtuous Circle” as more and more organizations contribute to the eReporting program.
  • eReporting gives your Foundation more control over how your grants are represented to others and, more broadly, to the field.

What will be done with my data?

Your data will be centralized at the Foundation Center and help to fuel tools such as:

  • Research studies on giving trends
  • Licensed data sets available for both your organization and the sector
  • Special projects like custom web portals and interactive mapping tools
  • Online tools such as Foundation Directory Online which allows grantmakers to be more informed about their grantees, or Foundation Stats which is a tool that provides a snapshot of givers’ stats:

How do I eReport via my Foundant Site?  It’s easy!  Just email that you’d like us to create your eGrant Report for you and we’ll be in touch within a few days after it’s built for you to review and finalize.  Once you’re happy with it simply Run Report from your Saved Reports page, export to “CSV” output and email to Foundation Center at  Your eReport Map should be built and ready within a couple weeks of your first eReporting submission. 

Foundant is very happy to be participating and collaborating with Foundation Center as we’re big fans of the eGrant Reporting tool set and everything they are doing to focus on growing the eGrant Reporting Program.  It’s great to be in a place with our software where we can offer up technology and solutions to these types of community programs to benefit the sector.