Enable Short Links for Processes

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: February 10th, 2021

Turning on the Enable Short Links for Processes feature allows administrators to share a direct short link to the initial form in a process. When this setting is enabled, follow the steps below to copy the short link for a process: 

From the Edit Process Summary dropdown in the process, click the link icon next to the name of the process. 

Make sure the toggle switch is green, indicating the link is active. Click the copy icon to copy the link to your clipboard. This can now be pasted into an email or other communication with applicants.

  • After clicking the short link, if the applicant is already logged on they'll be brought to the first form in the process. 
    • If the applicant is not logged on, they'll be brought to the Logon Page. There they can log on if they've already created an account, or click Create New Account if they're a new applicant.  
    • After logging on or creating their account, they'll then be brought to the first form in the process. 
  • For a process with Restricted visibility, the applicant will not need to enter an Access Code if they use this short link.

The short link will lead to an “Inactive Link” message in the following instances: 

  • Process is turned off
  • Not within the process start and end date range
  • The process is set to Internal visibility
  • Link has been deactivated in the process by an administrator