Collaborator Feature

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: December 30th, 2020

The collaborator feature allows applicants to work together on a single request. With this feature, applicants can also add a new user to their organization in your site (GLM only) without contacting an administrator. 

This feature is included with the Basic license and above. Please reach out to the Support team at to enable this feature in your site. When enabled, the option to invite collaborators will appear for all of your applicants.  

Use Cases

The collaborator feature helps address several common scenarios, including: 

  • Multiple applicants from an organization need to work together on a request. 
  • An applicant needs someone else to upload a document, fill out certain questions, or sign off on their request (e.g. a fiscal sponsor, executive director).
  • An applicant needs an efficient way for someone else to view and (in some cases) submit their request.
  • An organization works with a grant writer. 
  • An organization has a new staff member who would like to submit a request.

Applicant-Facing Tutorials

Below are tutorials on this feature that you can share with your applicants:  

How It Works

Below are the basics on how this feature works for your reference. Please refer to the applicant-facing tutorials linked above for detailed steps for the applicant and collaborator. 

  1. One applicant must go through registration as usual. Once they open the first form in the process (either an LOI or application), they'll see the option to invite collaborators to the request in the top right corner of the page. That option will appear on any follow up forms assigned within the request as well.
  2. After the applicant clicks Collaborate, they'll see a pop-up that prompts them to enter the email address of the person they're inviting to collaborate, type a message, and select the permission level (view, edit, or submit) for the collaborator.
  3. Within the collaborator pop-up, the applicant can also manage existing collaborators. They can resend an invitation, change permission levels, or remove a collaborator from their request. 

The permission level set for a collaborator applies to the entire request, not just a single form within the request (e.g. application or follow up). 

  • View: The collaborator can view each form in the request that the applicant has access to.
  • EditThe collaborator can view and edit each form in the request that the applicant has access to.
  • Submit: The collaborator can view, edit, and submit each form in the request that the applicant has access to.