Create Custom Columns

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: August 5th, 2020

As an administrator, you may edit the columns that are visible at the top of the workload pages, the Your Evaluations tab, and the Payment Tracking page. You may add up to two additional columns on these pages. 

This feature is available to users with a Standard license or above. Please reach out to the Support team to enable this feature in your site. 

There is additional functionality with custom columns as an Advanced license feature (or Standard +2 license feature if selected). More details are available here: Advanced License Custom Columns 

At this time, custom columns are not available on the following workload pages: LOI Evaluations Assigned, LOI Evaluations Closed.  

Custom columns are now available on the following pages if the JSON Workload Grids feature is enabled (reach out to the Support team with any questions or to enable that feature): Application Evaluations Assigned, Application Evaluations Closed, All Open Approvals

  1. Navigate to a workload page, the Your Evaluations tab, or the Payment Tracking page. 
    • To reach a workload page, click the name of the status on the Dashboard.
    • To reach the Your Evaluations tab, click the tab on your dashboard. 
    • To reach the Payment Tracking page, click Tools in the upper navigation bar, then select Payment Tracking.
  2. Click the Edit Columns icon on the right side of the table header. 
  3. The popup displays the currently selected columns for this page.
  4. To remove a column from this page, click the red icon. Some default columns cannot be removed.
  5. To rename a column on this page, edit the text in the Name box. 
  6. Some default columns may give you the option to link the data in that column to another applicable page (i.e. "Project Name" links to the Request Summary). If you do not want the data in that column to be linked, deselect the checkbox. 
  7. The tabs on the left side of the popup show other columns available to be added on this page. The first tab shows a dropdown for each form in your site related to this page (i.e. all of your LOI forms for the LOI Draft page). 
  8. To add a column from a form, select the applicable field. 
    • That field will automatically be selected on any other forms in this list that it appears on, as long as the field codes are synced (the codes will be synced if you copied one form/process to create the forms where this field appears).
    • When viewing this page, if a request does not have data related to the field you selected, the column will be blank for that request.
  9. If the data in a column is in a numeric format, you have the option to apply an aggregate function to that column. Click the Aggregate dropdown and select a function (i.e. sum or average). 
    • The available options for functions will depend upon the type of numeric data.
    • The aggregate data will appear at the bottom of the column on this page.  
  10. Click Save Columns when you're finished configuring the custom columns for this page.