Applicant Visibility

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: April 30th, 2020

The Applicant Visibility feature allows an administrator to hide a request from the applicant. Turning on this feature will give you the option to hide the entire Process and any Requests entered into the Process from applicants. Or you can choose to hide any specific Requests on an individual basis. 

Once this functionality is turned on in your site, you will see the Applicant Visibility drop down appear in the Edit Process Summary section if the Visibility is set to Internal.

From the Applicant Visibility drop down you can select the following options; 

  • Blank - means this is not in use and the process will default to the Internal visibility setting. Meaning requests will be visible to applicants after reaching the decision stage. 
  • Show - will show request to the applicant as soon as they have been created. 
  • Hide - will always hide the request from the applicant, including in the organization history if visible. This will also the hide the amount awarded of a Request if applicable in the total Amount Awarded to the Applicant or Organization.  

Changing this setting will affect all grants that are in that process, even those that have already been created. 

Within the Advanced Options section of the Request Summary, you can also override the Process Applicant Visibility for that request. Here you can change the Applicant Visibility to; 

  • Default to Process Visibility - which will match the Applicant Visibility setting of the Process.

  • Show, 

  • Hide. 

This can be turned on from the Settings page by selecting the gear icon at the top of any page.