What Changes Can be Made to Registration Pages?

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: October 2nd, 2019

There are many items that can be modified throughout the registration process. Here is a list of the items we can and cannot change. Keep in mind that changes to field labels should be kept to a minimum as these fields are connected to the reporting tool. 

Items that can be modified:

  • Question Labels can be modified.
  • Questions can be made required.
  • Questions can be hidden.
  • Validation expressions can be added so that only certain formats of answers will be accepted.
  • Page headers and instructions can be modified.
  • Custom fields can be added to the Organization Registration page (GLM sites) and the User Registration page.
  • The executive officer section can be hidden (GLM sites).
  • A duplicate organization message can be added to the Tax ID field alerting applicants that the Tax ID is already in the system (GLM sites).

Items that cannot be modified:

  • Custom fields cannot be added to the executive officer section of the User Registration page (GLM sites).
  • We cannot make changes to the registration confirmation page.
  • The following fields must remain required: 
    • Organization Name (GLM sites)
    • Applicant First Name
    • Applicant Last Name
    • Email/Login

If you would like changes made to your registration pages, please contact Foundant Support at support@foundant.com. If you would like to add any custom fields, please reach out to your CSM.