Updating My Foundant Site (Site Skin) to Match My Website

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 21st, 2018

Has your website changed and your site skin doesn't match?
We would be happy to update your site skin for you.

Please contact us at support@foundant.com with your updated images/website.

Below is a list of the image/color requirements:

  • The header banner for your Logon Page can be 50px to 300px in height and the width must be 1002px
  • The header banner once logged in to your site can be 50px in height and the width must be 150px or less
  • The header banner image should be in png format (NOT PDF, .zip, .pdf, .doc, or .eps format)
  • Navigation list background color for top navigation bar and section above the top navigation bar
  • Navigation list headers color
  • Navigation list text color and background hover color
  • Table header text color and background color
  • Footer color