Description of Email Functionality

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 11th, 2018

The system has a number of tools to help administrators use email to communicate with applicants, award recipients and other users.  

  • Emails can be sent to any user in the system including past and pending applicants, award recipients and evaluators. GLM allows you to set up automatic emails, send a single email to everyone in a group that you select, and send individual emails as needed.  
  • Emails can be generated from several places in the system including contact records, the request summary page, and when viewing lists of requests or grants at any particular stage on the dashboard. Automatic emails can be assigned on a process-by-process basis.
  • Emails can draw from templates you create for commonly occurring situations or be composed for a particular situation.  Emails can be sent with attachments.* We can also customize the "friendly name" that appears in emails sent by your organization.  
  • GLM records the emails sent and allows you to resend them if a contact did not see the email the first time. You can view a record of the emails sent to an organization, in the Organization Summary page by clicking ‘Organization Email History.’
  • You can view email history associated with a particular request, the requests applicant, or the applicant's organization in the Request Summary Page.

 Example Email History log as viewed by clicking on Contact Email History: