Merge Duplicate Users

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: April 28th, 2021


Duplicate users with the role of applicant or with no role may be merged. For GLM sites, these users must also belong to the same organization in the site.

Common scenarios for merging users include: 

  • After merging duplicate organizations, you might notice duplicate users (i.e. someone was entered as the Executive Officer during registration, and they later created their own account). 
  • In an SLM site, an applicant might later create a new account with a different email address.

Warning: There is no undo for this action! This should only be done if you have verified that the users you're merging are in fact the same individual. If unique individuals are merged into one user, you are overwriting historical data in your site (i.e. you won't have a record of which applicant submitted which request).

Merge Users

Before following these steps, make sure the Enable User Merge setting is set to "True" on your Site Settings page.

  1. Navigate to the Users search page. 
    • Click Search in the upper navigation bar, then select Users. 
  2. Locate the users you want to merge by searching for the individual's name. 
    • Do not select any roles in the search in case a duplicate exists without a role. 
  3. Select the correct duplicates from the search results. 
    • You may merge all of the duplicates that exist for this user at one time.
  4. Click Batch Actions, then select Merge. 
  5. Select the primary user to merge into. 
    • The primary user will be the only remaining use after the merge. 
    • The request history, documents, and comments of the non-primary users will be merged into this user's account. 
    • If there are discrepancies in contact information between the duplicates, the system will keep the information from the primary user.
  6. If you need to remove a duplicate user before merging, click the red X for that user. 
  7. Read the additional warnings on the page, then click Finish Merge.

Best practice is to instruct the applicant to use the Forgot your Password link the next time they logon, and note which email address was kept as their username. An applicant is not automatically notified that their accounts have been merged.

If you are using the integration with CommunitySuite: The system will not allow you to complete a user merge if more than one of the duplicates are linked to CommunitySuite. You will first need to unlink the other duplicates. We recommend reaching out to Foundant Support for guidance if you run into this scenario.