How To Assign an Application to a Different User

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: September 2nd, 2020
  1. Make sure the request and the applicant that you want to assign the request to are both assigned to the same organization.
  2. Click on Search in the Navigation bar and select Organizations. Search for the organization where the grants and new applicant are.
  3. Click the Organization Name.
  4. Under Organization Application and Grant History click on the Project Name of the request that you want to reassign.
  5. At the very bottom of the next page is a section titled Advanced Options. Click on the box to display the options.
  6. Next to "Reassign to:" there is a drop down list. Select a new applicant to assign the request to and click Reassign.
    • If the user is not in the drop down list then they are not an active user with this organization.
  7. If needed move the applicant back to the original organization. The application will automatically follow.

Please note, follow ups will not automatically be reassigned to the new applicant.