The Boat Method: Sync a New Question Between Processes

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: April 7th, 2020

Each question on a form has an underlying field code. When a process is copied, the field codes for questions within the process are copied as well, meaning that they are synced with the new process.

Syncing field codes for questions that are the same across processes (for example, "Amount Requested") is helpful for a couple of reasons. When building a report, if the field codes for a particular question are synced, the data for that question will end up in one column in your report. If the field codes are not synced, you'll need to manually combine the separate columns in the report. In addition, one merge template could be used for multiple processes if field codes are synced. 

This is why we emphasize building one process first, then copying it to create any additional processes or the next annual process. Sometimes, however, situations arise where you might need to add a question to multiple existing processes, and would still like that question synced across the processes. The "boat method" is a way to do this.

  1. Add the new question to one of your processes as desired. 
  2. Create a follow up form, naming it something easy to spot, such as "Boat" (it will only be used for this purpose, and then deleted).
  3. Share the new question onto the follow up form. 
  4. Go to the next process where you'd like the new question added.
  5. Copy the follow up form into this process. 
  6. Share the new question from the follow up form onto whichever form in the process it needs to end up on. 
  7. If the question needs to be added to other processes, repeat steps 4-6. Then you can delete the follow up form from both processes. 
    •  The processes need to be turned off in order to do so. 
  8. The new question is now synced across the processes.