Side-by-Side Evaluations

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 18th, 2018

Side-by-side evaluations will allow the user evaluating a form to view the evaluation on one side of the screen with the LOI or Application on the other side.

  • This functionality can make a quicker and easier experience for those evaluating forms.

This is an optional feature that can be turned on in each evaluation stage by a site administrator.

  • To turn on the side-by-side evaluation go to the Process Manager and click into the process you would like to update.
  • Click the Evaluation tab in the correct process stage.
  • Check the box that appears next to “Side by Side” on the righthand side of your screen.

The workflow from the evaluator’s perspective is very similar to the way it is when you are not using the side-by-side evaluations.

  • Once the evaluator logs in and views the list of forms to evaluate they will click on the “pencil” (review) icon to begin the evaluation.
  • Next, they will view the evaluation form on the left with the application or LOI on the right.
    • Note: If this is an application evaluation and the applicant also completed an LOI the evaluator will be able to toggle between the forms if need be.

  • The evaluator can complete the evaluation form while reviewing the application from the same screen.
  • The evaluator can use the vertical divider line between the evaluation and the application or LOI to resize each section.
  • At the bottom of the evaluation form, there is a Save button.
  • This can be used if they need to save and come back later or if they have finished the evaluation all together.