Process Stages and Colors

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: February 7th, 2020

Process stages are the distinct steps a request for funding may go through. For example, the application and evaluation stages. You as the administrator can choose which steps to include in a process, but the application and decision stages are required. 

Clicking on a stage opens more details. If it's an optional stage (i.e. the LOI or follow up stage), it can be enabled using the toggle switch.

You can then access the form for this stage to make edits, and can configure a variety of settings depending upon the stage. These settings may include: 

  • Due Date for the form
  • Automatic Emails to be sent according to different events within the stage
  • A pool of evaluators who may be assigned 

The color of a process stage indicates its status: 

  • Green: This stage is fully configured - "Ready." 
  • Yellow: This stage has additional settings that could be configured - "Not Finished." 
    • These could be new settings due to a recent release in the software. 
    • The stage can still be used at this point.
  • Red: This stage needs something to be configured before it can be used - "Not Ready."
  • Gray: This stage is not in use - "Not Using."