Applicants Can't Access a Process

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: September 30th, 2019


You intend for a particular process with public visibility to be accessible, but applicants are not able to see the process on your Apply Page. 

Normal Behavior

When within the date range for a process (with public visibility), it should show up on your Apply Page along with the Apply button.


  1. From the Dashboard, click Tools in the upper navigation bar, then select Process Manager. 
  2. Next to the name of this particular process, click the toggle switch so that it turns green. This means the process is now turned on, and will be visible on your Apply Page. 
  3. Next to the name of this particular process, also check that the date range is correct for when it should be accessible to applicants.
  4. If the dates need to be corrected, click the name of this process. 
  5. Click Edit Process Summary. 
  6. Edit the start and/or end dates for the process.
  7.  Click Save Summary.