Process Toggled On vs. Off

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: April 8th, 2021

Processes can be toggled on and off on the Process Manager page. Below are the key differences between processes that are toggled on vs. off.

Process Toggled On

  • The process shows up on the Apply page, regardless of the start/end date range. 
    • For a public visibility process, this is true for all applicants. 
    • For a restricted visibility process, this is true for applicants who have the access code. 
    • An internal visibility process will not show up on the Apply page for applicants, even when it's toggled on.
  • If it's within the start/end date range of the process (or if the process doesn't have a start and end date), applicants can start a new request within the process. 

Process Toggled Off

  • The process does not show up on the Apply page.
  • Applicants cannot start a new request within the process. 
  • Existing requests within the process are not affected. 
    • For example, applicants working on a draft form (e.g. application, follow up) can still submit the form.
      • A hard due date (set in the corresponding stage of the process) or an administrator abandoning the request would prevent the applicant from submitting a form. Toggling the process off alone does not prevent them from submitting a form.
  • The process can be archived, keeping the Process Manager page organized.