Building Merge Templates

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 11th, 2018

Administrators can create Merge Templates which can be used to merge information from GLM into word documents or PDFs to be mailed or emailed to contacts and board members.  Merge templates will be built in Word using merge fields generated by GLM.  These templates will then be uploaded to Mail Merge Templates in GLM and grant information can be merged using the Create Documents link. The Merge Fields tell GLM what information the template needs and where to put it.

The Merge Field document contains all the possible fields that you can use when building your merge templates. To generate the merge field document

  1. Click on Merge Templates located under Communications in the navigation menu at the top of the page.  

  1. Select a process from the “Choose a Process” drop-down list.
    • All of your current and archived processes will be included in the Process drop-down list. You must select a process. 
  2. Click the Generate Merge Fields button.
    • This will generate a word document that contains all of the merge fields for this process.  

After you have generated the Merge Template Document you can copy and paste the desired merge fields into your Word document template. Highlight the field in the merge field document then copy it. Paste it in the desired location in your Word document template. Repeat these steps until all desired merge fields are added to your template. 

TIP: To ensure that the merge fields were pulled over into your template properly, hit ALT+F9 on your keyboard to reveal the merge formatting. To hide the merge formatting, hit ALT+F9 again.