Applicant Can't Submit a Follow Up

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: December 11th, 2020


An applicant is not seeing an Edit link to access a Follow Up assigned to them.

Expected Behavior

The applicant can click Edit, fill out their Follow Up form, and submit it.

Solution #1

1. Navigate to the request summary page, and click the Follow Ups tab. 

2. Double check that the applicant is the contact assigned to that Follow Up.  

3. Follow Ups with earlier due dates must be submitted and marked complete by an administrator. 

4. If all the above solutions have been checked: 

  •     Click Edit Follow Ups.
  • Click Update Selected Follow Ups (without making any changes).

Solution #2 - Collaboration:

Sometimes an applicant will add themselves as a collaborator on a Follow Up form and will give themselves the "Edit" permission instead of the "Submit" permission, preventing them from submitting their Follow Up form. To fix this:

1. Proxy in as the applicant and navigate to the relevant Follow Up form.

2. Click Collaborate on the top right of the page to check the collaboration permission settings.

3. If the applicant assigned to the Follow Up form has given themselves the "Can edit" permission, change the permission settings to "Can submit" so they can both edit and submit their assigned Follow Up form.