How do Applicants check the status of their requests?


Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 9th, 2018

By default, decision information and decision statuses, Approved and Denied, are not visible on the applicant dashboard. Applicants can only see “Draft” “Submitted,” “Complete,” and “Abandoned” statuses.

  • Draft for when an LOI or Application are in draft form.
  • Submitted for when an LOI, Application or Follow Up has been submitted.
  • Complete for follow ups that have been submitted, and then marked complete by the administrator.
  • Abandoned when a request is no longer under consideration for a reason other than being denied. 

The Show Application Status Updates feature allows you to share decision information with your applicants. When the ShowApplication Status Updates feature is turned ON a Decision row is added to each request tab on the applicant dashboard.

  • The decisions will reflect “Undecided” until the request is Approved or Denied.  
  • Once a decision is made, the Approved or Denied status appears as well as the View Details link, so that applicants can view decision information.

When Show Application Status Updates is in use, applicants will immediately see the decision information if this attribute is turned on. However, a delay can be set so you have time to contact your applicants before they log in and see their decision status.

  • The delay is based on decision date. The delay can be set to any # of days after the decision date
  • For example: If you have a 30 day delay set, a grant approved on June 1 will appear as “Undecided” until July 1. On July 1st the Approved or Denied status and View Details link will appear.

Remember the Show Application Status Updates is OFF by default. If you would like to turn it on, please contact support at