Shared Questions

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: May 18th, 2020

Shared questions allow you to share a question and its response from one form to another, within the same process. Refer to this article for instructions on adding a shared question to a form: Add a Shared Question.

Common use cases include: 

  • Reminding an applicant of their response to an LOI question while they're completing the application. 
  • Showing an applicant the amount they've been awarded as they're filling out an agreement (follow up form).
  • Showing evaluators the applicant's responses for easy reference as they're completing the evaluation form. This is especially helpful if the side-by-side view is not enabled.

Important Considerations

If a shared question's required type is set to optional or required on the form it's shared to, the applicant will be able to edit their previous response. Because the response is shared, any edits to the response on one form will automatically update the response on any other forms where the question is shared. 

For that reason, it's important to make a shared question's required type read-only on the form it's shared to, if you do not want applicants to be able to edit the response. This is especially important to consider when sharing questions from the approval form (or any other questions originally answered by an administrator) to a form that the applicant will complete. 

Questions cannot be shared from an evaluation form. This is because each question on an evaluation form for the same request could be answered multiple times (by multiple evaluators). Consider building an evaluation report instead if you are trying to compile evaluation responses for each request. 

Changes to a Shared Question

The following changes to a question are reflected across all forms where the question is shared: 

  • Label
  • Maximum text length
  • List items

The following changes to a question are not reflected across forms where the question is shared: 

  • Instructions
  • Visibility
  • Required type