Add a Shared Question

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: May 18th, 2020

For details and context about shared questions in general, please refer to this article: Shared Questions. Follow these steps to add a shared question to a form: 

  1. In the applicable process, navigate to the form where you want to share the question. 
  2. Click Add Shared Question
  3. Select the question from the list. 
    • If the question already exists on this form, it will be grayed out in this pop-up indicating that it cannot be shared to this form.
    • The Shared On column in this pop-up shows which forms each question is already shared on. 
  4. Click Add Selected Question.
  5. Note that the question has the icon pointed out below, indicating that this question is shared on other form(s) in the process.
  6. Make any edits to the question as needed (i.e. changing the required type, instructions, etc.).