Edit and Delete Form Questions

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: July 12th, 2021


After building a form, you might need to edit or delete a question. The actions you are able to take on form questions depend on whether or not responses already exist for those questions. 

Edit a Question

In general, a question can be edited even when responses exist for the question. If you are editing a question that has responses, it is important to consider the changes you are making. For example, it is not advised to change what a question is asking once users have already responded to it. However, correcting a typo or adding more instructions might be a necessary edit. The sections below cover further details when editing specific types of questions. To edit a question on a form, click the pencil icon as shown below.

Edit a List Question

Once a question with list items (check box list, drop down list, radio button list, nested list) is added to a form there are a couple scenarios based upon whether the question has been used or not.

  • If the question has not been used: 
    • List items cannot be edited directly by an administrator, but you can instead delete an existing list item (by clicking the red x button) then add the corrected item. 
    • Add list items by typing the list item in the Add List Items box. Press Enter on your keyboard to separate each list item you're adding.
  • If the question has been used: 
    • Existing list items cannot be deleted by an administrator (see info box below). 
    • New list items can be added. 
    • Existing list items cannot be edited directly by an administrator (see info box below). 
  • Once a scoring question has been used, the minimum and maximum values cannot be changed.

Reach out to Support or your CSM if you're in a situation where list items need to be edited in a question that has responses. A Foundant team member can talk with you about the considerations in doing so, and can assist you with editing those items if you make the decision to edit them. 

Edit a Text Question 

Once a text question (text box, text area, text and upload) has been used, you can still edit the maximum text length. If you decrease the maximum, this will not affect responses on requests that have already been submitted; the full responses will be kept. The new text length will be in effect for any requests that haven’t been submitted yet. 

For specific help on editing shared questions follow this article.

Delete a Question

  • If the question has not been used:
    • Existing list items can be deleted by clicking the red x button next to the list question you would like to delete.
  • Once a question has responses, the system will not allow that question to be deleted. Your Foundant site is a database, and this is one way we help to prevent accidental data loss. 
    • When you copy a process (e.g. to create a new version of the process, or for the next cycle), questions can then be deleted in the new copy of the process. 
    • If you have a form that has been used and you realize you need to remove a question so no more applicants respond to it, we recommend changing the visibility of the question to administrator or internal visibility.