Building Scholar Snapp Questions

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: January 18th, 2019
  1. To utilize this Scholar Snapp select the Add Scholar Snapp Question button from an LOI or Application form. 
  2. The Scholar Snapp Profile Questions pop up will appear showing a list of all available fields that can be pulled from a students Scholar Snapp profile. 
    • Select a question and choose Add Selected Question to add the question field to your form. 
    • While most questions can only be used once, some may have multiple answers within a Students profile, and can thus be selected multiple times. These questions are marked with the repeating icon.
      • For example, a student may have multiple test scores within their Scholar Snapp profile. So you may want to add this field multiple times so an applicant can provide ACT and SAT results.  
  3. Once a question has been added you may edit or delete it similarly to a New Question. 
    • Some questions such as Race and Gender will have a preset List Items. It is best practice not to edit or delete any items from these lists.  

All Scholar Snapp questions will be marked with the Scholar Snapp logo as a visual indicator to both internal users and applicants. 

Please note that while adding Scholar Snapp questions does give students the opportunity to use this feature, they are not required to have a Scholar Snapp account to complete the application.