Installment Forms

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: September 9th, 2021

By default, the decisions stage of a process contains 1 installment form. However, you may add additional installment forms as needed by clicking Add Installment Form then either creating a new form or copying an existing one. 


If you use the Universal Application feature, please be aware that installment forms cannot be deleted, so please contact Support or your CSM with any questions prior to adding forms. The decisions stage of a universe does not include any installment forms by default. You can add one or more installment forms by clicking Add Installment

If you are recording one time or installment awards you likely only need one installment form as you can use it at the time of approval to record multiple installments. You may need additional installment forms if you were, for example, awarding one-time awards and matching awards out of the same process.  

The default fields on the Installment form are:

  • Installment Due Date
  • Installment Amount
  • Installment Conditions
    • You may make edits to these fields as necessary, but you cannot delete Installment Due Date.
  • Additional fields can be added to the installment form, but not additional question groups.
    • A drop down list containing funds is commonly added on the installment form so you may indicate which fund the specific installment is coming from.