Questions Types: Upload Questions & Formatting Options

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 8th, 2018

File attachment questions allow responders to upload files into the form.

  • File Upload questions will accept any file type unless you specify allowed file types and you must set the file size limit for each question.
    • Only 1 file can be uploaded per question so you will need to build a question for each desired document.
    • Each form has up to 25 MiBs (mebibyte) of storage that can be allocated across all the upload questions in the form.
      • For example, one application might have 5 file upload questions, each with a limit of 5MiB, for the maximum form total of 25MiBs.
      • When asking for big files such as Pictures and Financial Statements you will want to set your file size to 4-5 MiB or more.
      • When asking for smaller files such as budgets 1-2 MiB should be plenty.
      • You can always increase the file size limit for a question if needed.
    • File Upload questions cannot be shared into other forms.
      • Any question that you would like to share directly into an evaluation form should be built as a different question type.
    • Administrators commonly ask for Budgets and Financial Statements using File Upload questions.
    • For reference, a MiBs (mebibyte) is very similar to a MB (megabyte) which most people are used to. The difference is that a MiB is approximately 1,048 KBs and MB is 1,000 KBs.
  • A “Text & Upload” question will allow the user to type in text and/or upload a document.
    • If this question type is marked as required, the responder only has to fulfill 1 option (text or upload) but can answer both.
    • The text area option can have up to a 10,000 character text response.
      • When building this question type you must set the character limit and the file upload limit.
      • Text & Upload question types are commonly used for board rosters where the responder can either type in a board list or upload a file containing the board list.
      • If you want consistency in your responses, it is a better practice to select either a text area or an upload question type and ask all responders to submit the same type of response.

Formatting tools do not require a response.

  • Divider Lines are used to divide questions in a group or to separate sections of a form.
  • Instructions allow you to communicate additional information throughout the form.