Question Visibility

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 9th, 2018

Questions on forms can have any of the following visibility options:

  1. Everyone
    • Completed by applicant
    • Can be “Shared Question”
    • Appears in all print packets
    • Visible to all users.
  2. Admin Only
    • Completed by administrators.
    • Can be “Shared Questions”.
    • Included in Administrator Print Packets only.
    • Visible to:
      • Administrators
  3. Applicant Only
    • Completed by applicants.
    • Visible to:
      • Applicants
      • Administrators
    • Not visible to evaluators.
    • Can be “Shared Questions”.
  4. Internal
    • Completed by administrator
    • Visible to:
      • Administrators
      • Evaluators

Question visibility labels will appear on the form in the Form Builder

This information can also be found by hovering on the blue question mark icon to the right of the Visibility drop-down menu.