Download a .pdf of a Form

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 25th, 2021

Once a form has been created, you can create a .pdf of the form. This file can be printed or saved to your computer. After saving it to your computer, you can share it with stakeholders to provide visibility in your grantmaking process. For example, you can upload an application form to your website or distribute it to prospective applicants to provide them with a preview of the application requirements. 


  1. Click Process Manager, located in the Tools section of the upper navigation bar.
  2. Click the Process Name.
  3. Click the Process Stage (e.g. LOI, Application, Decision, Follow Up)
  4. Click the Preview icon next to the form name.
  5. Select which user role you want to preview the form as in the top right corner. The drop down has three options to view the form as: Administrators, Reviewers, and Applicants.
  6. To download a .pdf of the form in the role chosen in step 5, click Question List in the upper right corner.
  7. Depending on the browser you're using, the document may be available to open immediately, or you may have to go to the Downloads folder of your computer to locate the form.

Question Branching Considerations

When a form with question branching is converted to a .pdf, all questions will be displayed, even if they're part of a branched question group. If a form contains branching, consider adding explanations of your branching logic to the form before creating a .pdf. For example, if you have branching logic on a question asking if the applicant is a fiscal sponsor, you can add instructions to that question and the branched question group explaining the form logic as shown below.