Sync SLM Requests to CSuite

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: February 24th, 2021

To sync a request to CommunitySuite, the request must have an Approved status in SLM. This means the request is currently housed in the Approved and/or All Open Approvals workload page. Additionally, only requests that do not have any payments associated with them may be synced.

You can sync the request from two locations:

  1. Within the Request Summary of an Approved scholarship, via the CSuite tab and clicking the Sync button.
  2. The “All Open Approvals” workload page by clicking the toggle to the right of the unsynced request. 
    • The toggle color of an unsynced request is gray.
    • The toggle color of a sync request is green.

Requests can also be synced in a batch:  

  • On the All Open Approvals workload page, select the requests to sync, click Batch Actions, then click Send to CommunitySuite.

Once a request is synced:

  • You can unsync it up until the time the record is finalized in CommunitySuite. 
  • You no longer have the option to edit request installments. Instead you will have the option to Approve the installment.
    • This will come into play once you have processed payments in CommunitySuite.
  • The Sync/Unsync Request button will appear grayed out and "locked" once all of the following occurs:
    • The SLM request is synced from SLM to CommunitySuite.
    • The student and scholarship are set in CommunitySuite.
    • Payments have been recorded and posted in CommunitySuite.