Merging Organizations Synced to CSuite

How to merge organizations in GLM that are synced to CommunitySuite.

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: May 31st, 2019

1. Click Search and select Organizations

2. Enter relevant search criteria, such as Organization, Tax Id, City, and State, then click Search

  • Pro Tip: To search for all organizations, leave the search criteria blank.

3. Check the boxes next to each organization that you want to merge. 

Note: If more than one organization is synced/linked with CommunitySuite, you will need to unsync/unlink one of the organizations:

  • Click the CommunitySuite icon next to the organization that you want to unsync/unlink (this will open CommunitySuite).

  • Within the organization profile in CommunitySuite, click Unlink.


  • Navigate back to GLM and refresh the page. The CommunitySuite icon will disappear from the organization, indicating that the organization is unsynced/unlinked from CommunitySuite.

4. Click Merge Selected Organizations

5. Click the radio button to select the Primary organization, then click Finish Merge

  • Note: After the merge, the primary organization will be the only remaining organization, and will retain all original information. It will also contain all contacts, GuideStar history, grant/request history, documents, and comments of all non-primary organizations that were merged.

6. Type MERGE and click OK

  • Note: If you receive the Error Merging Organizations message, click OK, and select a different Primary Organization. 

7. Click View Merged Organization

8. The organizations are now merged in GLM. 

  • Note: Information from the primary organization (that you defined in step 5) will be applied to the merged organization.

9. Next, you will need to merge the duplicate organizations/profiles in CommunitySuite. Open a new tab in your web browser and log into CommunitySuite.

10. Select Profiles from the home page. 

11. Click Duplicates

12. Select the name of the organization that was merged in GLM. 

13. Review the organizations being merged, and click Merge

14. Click Process

  • Note: If you receive an error message, this means that CommunitySuite was trying to merge a linked profile into an unlinked GLM profile.
    • Click the Back button in your web browser.

  • Select Swap From/To.

  • Click Process.

15. There will now only be one organization listed in both GLM and CommunitySuite.