Add a CSuite Process in GLM

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: January 14th, 2019

To sync grants from CSuite to GLM, you must create a CSuite Process in GLM before a grant can be synced. This must be created as a new process and can not be copied from another process.

Creating a GLM CSuite process is only required if you plan on sending Grants from CSuite to GLM.

On the Add Process page, the External Type must be set to CommunitySuite.

  • Doing this will automatically lock the Visibility to Internal, and the Start and End Dates to be blank.
  • You may choose to set the Applicant Visibility if you are using this feature.

Please note that once you select Create Process, you can not change these settings or delete this Process.

Once the process has been created you can start adding questions to the Application.

  • CSuite Processes are not compatible with the Eligibility, Qualification, or LOI stages of a Process.

You can add a new Application Form or Copy an existing Form into the Application stage. It is best practice to Create a New form so that no incompatible questions are copied into the Application.

  • Within the Application Form you can add CSuite questions:
    • The available questions are all default fields that will populate with your information from CSuite upon syncing and creating the request.
    • It is best practice not to change the Name, Visibility or Required Type for these questions once they have been added to the form.
  • Do not create any questions with a Required Type set to Required. This will make it impossible to send a Grant straight to Approval through CSuite.

Once you have finished creating the Application Form, you can set up the remainder of the Process as you would for any other process in the software.