Process Synced Grants

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: January 14th, 2019

After syncing a Grant Request, it will display within the GLM bucket of the Grants page in CommunitySuite. 

Before you can process the Grant, you must set the Grantee and Fund. This can be done in batch or one-at-a time.

To process each grant individually: 

  • Select the Grant ID number that you want to process.
  • Click the Set Grantee button and set the Grantee.
  • Next, click the Set Fund button to set the Fund.

To process grants in batch:

  • Click the Set Grantee button while viewing the GLM bucket on the main Grants page and set the Grantee.
  • Next, click the Set Fund button to set the Fund.  
    • Keep in mind that these settings will apply to all grants in the GLM bucket that do not have a designated Grantee or Fund. 

  • Click Set Grantee from the left-side menu.

    • If the Grantee has a profile in CommunitySuite, select their Profile from the drop-down menu and CSuite will map to the existing profile.
    • If a Profile does not exist for the Grantee, you’ll be prompted to create one.
    • The system assumes that the selected student is who the check should be sent to.

The integration is not yet configured to handle fiscal sponsors automatically, however, they can be added manually.  

  • Click Create Grant from the left-side menu.
    • At this time the Grant will move into the New bucket and award details will sync to the CSuite tab in the Request Summary page of GLM.
    • This will also disable the ability to unsync the Grant from GLM.

Once the grant is created, the record in CommunitySuite will show grant information as well as the payment schedule and funding source.

  • Next, to the GLM Request ID, the Jump to GLM button will allow you to jump directly to the GLM request.