Sync GLM Requests to CSuite

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: February 24th, 2021

To sync a GLM request with CommunitySuite, the request must have an Approved status in GLM. This means the request is housed in the Approved and/or All Open Approvals workload page within GLM. Please note that grants cannot be synced if they have payments associated with them. 

Requests can be synced from:

  • The Request Summary of an Approved grant, via the CSuite tab.

  • The All Open Approvals workload page by clicking the toggle to the right of the unsynced request.
    • The toggle color of an unsynced request is gray.
    • The toggle color of a sync request is green. 
    • A faded toggle means the Grant is locked and cannot be synced, or unsynced.

Requests can also be synced in a batch:  

  • On the All Open Approvals workload page, select the requests to sync, click Batch Actions, then click Send to CommunitySuite.

Once a request is synced you can unsync it up until the time the grant record is finalized in CommunitySuite. 

  • At this time, you will no longer have the option to edit grant installments. 
  • If for some reason you do need to edit the installment information, you will have to delete all record of the grant within CSuite and unsync the request from GLM.
  • The Sync/Unsync Request button will appear grayed out and "locked" once all of the following occurs:
    • The GLM request is synced from GLM to CommunitySuite.
    • The grantee and fund are set in CommunitySuite.
    • Payments have been recorded and posted in CommunitySuite.