Preparing your GLM/SLM Site for CommunitySuite Integration

Written by Peter Pfankuch

Last published at: February 12th, 2021

Cleaning up your GLM Site:

  • Is your GLM/SLM site a little messy?
  • Follow this help article to make sure the clutter is minimized in your site.

Fine Tune:

  • Would you benefit from some extra training?
  • This is an opportunity to set aside time with your CSM to maximize your use of GLM/SLM along with the possibility of retraining administrators on certain topics.
  • Reach out to your CSM for more information on fine tunes.

Fields to Clean Up

  • Are your State, Province, and Telephone fields inconsistent?
  • In order to sync your GLM/SLM approved requests to CommunitySuite, the telephone number and state/province fields on the organization form (GLM) and user form (SLM) need to be edited to be in a specific format. 
  • Do you have international applicants? Do you want to sync profiles to CommunitySuite?
  • Follow this help article and discuss if this field is appropriate for you.
  • Overall, your CSM will be the best resource in understanding how to clean up those fields most efficiently.

Historical Requests (VERY important for profile integration)

  • Are you looking to push a lot of historical records from CommunitySuite to GLM?
  • There should be a separate call or process to link all CommunitySuite profiles with GLM/SLM profiles BEFORE you do this, so it doesn’t create duplicate organizations in GLM/SLM.

Next Steps:

For more information on GLM/SLM integration with CommunitySuite, visit this page or reach out to your CSM.