Eligibility Quiz: Applicant Workflow

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: February 26th, 2021

If your process utilizes an Eligibility Quiz, the applicant workflow has a few differences from the workflow without an Eligibility Quiz. 

  1. On your Apply page, any active Eligibility Quizzes will sort above processes without an Eligibility Quiz. If you've added a description to the quiz, it will appear here. 
  2. After clicking Start Eligibility Quiz, the applicant will be brought to the Eligibility Quiz to complete. They have the option to Save Eligibility or Submit Eligibility.
    • If they choose to save the form, when they come back to their dashboard they'll see the Edit Eligibility Quiz option.
  3. After clicking Submit Eligibility, they'll be brought to a confirmation page that lists any processes they're eligible to apply for.
    • If they are not eligible for any processes with this Eligibility Quiz, the message will direct them back to the Apply page. This is in case you have other processes available (that do not use the Eligibility Quiz) that they might apply for.  
  4. Clicking Continue will bring them back to your Apply page. 
  5. Now they will see each process they're eligible for listed underneath the Eligibility Quiz. Clicking on the name of a process will expand its description. 
  6. To start an application within a process, the applicant can click Apply. 
    • The rest of their workflow will be the same as within a process without an Eligibility Quiz. 

If you'd like an applicant to bypass the Eligibility Quiz, you can give them the access code for the process(es) you'd like them to be able to apply within. 

You are welcome to share the following video tutorial with your applicants regarding the Eligibility Quiz: Video Tutorial - Eligibility Quiz