Adding an Eligibility Form

Written by Hanna Ray

Last published at: March 22nd, 2021

There are three options when adding an eligibility form to the Eligibility stage of your process. 

These include creating a new form, copying a form, or adding a form that already exists. There are different scenarios when each option should be used, see below for descriptions.

  • Create New Form: Use this option when you need to create a form from scratch. This is best used when you are adding an eligibility form that is specific to a new process or when creating your very first form.

  • Copy Selected Form: This option is used to create a copy of an existing form. For example, you would use this option if you want to make changes to the form for a new year but don't want to make any changes to last year's form. 

  • Add Selected Form: This option will add the exact same form you select to the process you are in. This should be used when you want multiple processes to be behind the exact same eligibility form. For example, if you have three processes that should be behind the same eligibility form then you would create or copy the form into the first process and then add that form to the other two processes.
    • When using this option, even though the exact same form is being used you can create unique rules for each process.

Having multiple processes behind the same eligibility form versus process(es) behind their own unique eligibility forms could look something like this:

  • Eligibility Form 1
    • Process A
  • Eligibility Form 2
    • Process B
    • Process C
    • Process D
  • Eligibility Form 3
    • Process E
    • Process F

Here are some examples of when you can use the same eligibility quiz for multiple processes (with differing rules):

  • If you have one process for applicants requesting under $5,000 and one process for applicants requesting over $5,000 you could put those behind the same eligibility quiz. Then, depending on their request amount they would be directed to the correct LOI or application.
  • For scholarships, if you have a different process for high schoolers, undergraduate students, and graduate students then you could put all three of those processes behind the same eligibility quiz. The rules for this situation would direct the applicant to the correct LOI or application based on their education level.
  • The same eligibility quiz can also be used to direct users to a renewal process versus a new applicant process.