Building Eligibility Quiz Rules and Rule Groups - SLM

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: February 26th, 2021

Within the Eligibility tab of the Update Process page, you can view and edit the eligibility rules specific to that process. Remember that eligibility forms can be shared across multiple processes, but the rules must be specific to each process. 

All rules must be created within a group, and all groups must have to same rule operator (either AND or OR). 

  • To edit the name of the rule group or the operator, click on the rule group pencil icon to the right of the title. 

Within each group, you will see the option to either add a rule or to Add And/Or Rule Group

Selecting Add Rule will bring up the Add Rule menu. 

  • Select a Form Question from the dropdown menu, a Comparator, and enter a value in the box. 
    • The Rule Name will automatically populate based on the answers you have selected.
    • Note: You cannot add multiple answers to the value box. If you do need to add multiple possible answers to the same question, use the OR operator to create a rule for each answer. 
  • For example, if you ask for a students GPA, and only want students who have a GPA above 3.0 applying, you would add the GPA Form Question, with the Comparator of Greater Than, and enter 2.99.

  • Select Add Rule once your rule is set.

You will now see the new rule added in a row within the rule group.

  • To edit or delete the rule, select the edit "pencil" or red delete "x".
  • You can repeat these steps to create as many rules as necessary for your process.

If you would like to add nested groups, you can do so by selecting the Add AND/OR Rule Group button. 

  • After selecting Add AND/OR Rule Group you will view the Add Rule Group popup menu. 
  • Here you can add a Group Name and select the Operator (i.e. And or OR).
  • Select Add Rule Group once complete.

You will now see the new group added within the current group, and the Operator type will be visible in the Add Rule box. In this example, the Extracurricular Activities Group has the OR operator type. 

You can continue adding rule to the new group or add rule groups nested within the group.

Note: You can always add a group inside your current groups, but you cannot create a group that will engulf previously created groups. For this reason, it is very important to create a draft of your rules and how you would like them to work prior to creating them on your site. 

The following are example rule groups.

Example 1

The applicant will pass this quiz based on the following:

  • They participate in Football OR Basketball
    • AND
  • Their GPA is greater than 2.9
    • AND
  • Their county of residence is Gallatin

Example 2

The applicant will pass this quiz based on the following:

  • They played Soccer AND Lacrosse 
    • OR
  • They were involved in Student Government OR Peer Advisors 
    • AND
  • Are currently employed