Grants Manager Permissions Definitions

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: October 11th, 2019

With the Custom Grants Manager Permissions feature, the following permissions can be turned on or off for grants managers in your site. 

This is an Advanced license feature. Please reach out to your CSM if you'd like to discuss license options. 

  • Manage Users

    • Create, edit, or delete users. 

  • Manage Organizations (GLM sites only) 

    • Create, edit, or delete organizations. 

  • Enter Manual Grants

    • Create a manual request for an organization (GLM sites) or applicant (SLM sites).

  • Proxy

    • Proxy login as another user.

  • Revert Status

    • Revert the status of a request.

  • Manage Evaluator Assignments

    • Assign evaluators to requests and edit assignments. 

  • Manage Requests

    • Approve, deny, close, and abandon requests. 

  • Approve Stage

    • Approve requests in the qualification or LOI stage. 

  • Manage Follow Up Assignments

    • Assign follow up forms for an approved request and edit assignments. 

  • Manage Installments

    • Add installments for a request and edit existing installments.

  • Manage Payments

    • Record, edit, and delete payments. 

  • Reporting

    • Access the Reports & Data Sets tool, and view saved reports and data sets. Export existing data sets and reports. 

If your saved reports and data sets contain data from processes a grants manager is not assigned to, they will still be able to see that data.

  • Create Data Set

    • Create a new data set in the Reports & Data Sets tool and edit existing data sets. 

All processes in your site are available when creating/editing a data set, so a grants manager would be able to see data in processes they are not assigned to. 

  • Send Emails

    • Send emails to users within the site, either by using saved email templates or without a template. 
  • Requests and Decisions

    • Access to the Requests & Decisions Search page, but cannot search for requests in a process they’re not assigned to. 

  • Request History

    • Access to applicants’ Request History tab. A grants manager will see any requests from processes they’re not assigned to (including details such as amount awarded), but can’t click into the request summary for those requests.

  • CommunitySuite Integration

    • Sync requests to CommunitySuite and approve or disapprove installments.
  • Mark Forms Complete 

    • Mark qualification, LOI, application, and follow up forms complete.