API Data Sets

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: May 18th, 2018

API Data Sets can be used to automatically pull a data set created within your Foundant site to an external software such as Salesforce or an accounting system. Setting up an API with your external software does require a general knowledge of software coding and is not performed or supported by Foundant. API Data Sets are an advanced feature and are not on by default. Please contact your CSM with any questions regarding API data sets. 

To create an API data set, you can either copy an existing data set, or create a new one. With either option select the Make this an API Data Set check box to make the data set eligible to use with an API. 

  • If you are copying an existing data set this checkbox will be on the Copy Data Set popup 
  • If you are creating a new data set, this will be at the bottom of the Create Name/Description page. 

Once your data set has been marked as an API Data Set, you can set your pre-filters and choose your data fields. However, you  can not run a report off of an API data set, which means you cannot add filters, sort orders, formulas, etc. When you have selected all the information you would like included in your data set , select the Save button.

Return to the reports homepage by selecting Reports in the upper left-hand side of the page. Select the API Data Sets tab to view your created Data Set. 

From this page you can also:

  • Export the data as an Excel document 
  • Create a copy of the data set
  • Retrieve/Manage API keys, and 
  • Edit or delete the data set

Create a new API Key by clicking the Manage API Keys button on any API Data Set. A pop up will appear where you can see existing API Keys, who created the key and the option to revoke the key if needed. Upon selecting Create New API you will be given a Key Id code as well as a Secret Value. While you will be able to view the Key ID code, you will only see the Secret Value once, so you must copy this into a secure location.

These two codes can then be added to the external software that you wish to pull the data set into. API data will automatically feed to your external system. You do not need to update or rerun the data set to get the most up-to-date information.