Go Live Checklist

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 18th, 2020

A video version of this article is available HERE.

You’ve finalized your first online LOI or Application form and "Going Live" is imminent for your grants or scholarship site.  It’s normal to be a little nervous and you want to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything before toggling the process to “On”.  Your Client Success Manager is there to make sure you’ve dotted all of your “i’s” and crossed all of your “t’s” before applicants come online to start applying, but why not go through a checklist for your peace of mind to make sure nothing has been missed:

  • Confirm with your Client Success Manager (CSM) which of the finalized process(es), form(s), email templates and merge templates can be moved from the Sandbox site into your Live site.
    1. NOTE 1: Once these items are moved over to your Live site you will now make any last-minute edits to them in your Live site before you turn the process(es)  to “On”. 
    2. NOTE 2: If you have forms within a process or email templates in your Sandbox site that are not quite ready to be transferred to the Live site, you can continue to work on them in the Sandbox site.  Your Sandbox site never goes away! Email support@foundant.com when they are ready to be moved to your live site. Be sure to cc: your CSM on that email
  • Confirm that you’ve set up a process description within your process(es), if applicable.
  • Make sure you have finalized your registration pages. You can email support@foundant.com with any additional changes you need made to these pages.
  • Make any edits to your Logon Page message.
  • Email support@foundant.com any custom messaging that you’d like Foundant to add to the applicant’s Apply Page (this page is where external-facing processes show to applicants), or to the Submission Confirmation Page (this page comes up directly after an applicant successfully submits an LOI, Application or Follow-up form).
  • Confirm with your CSM that you have gone through the applicable Site Attribute settings and that the Sandbox and Live site don’t have any discrepancies.
  • Email support@foundant.com any site-skin changes, including logo, that you’d like changed or updated before GoLive. Logo, headers, banners, colors and text colors are changeable on the site skin, but that is it!
  • Once everything has been transferred over to your live site, you may start setting up valid internal users (additional staff, reviewers, etc) in your live site. Don’t forget to add reviewers to their applicable process “pool” after adding them as new users.
  • The live site link that will be sent to you after everything has been transferred is the actual live production link that you or your IT person will use to embed on your website for applicants to apply (your CSM may have sent you this live link early on in your training).
  • Confirm that your website content changes have been made to reflect your new online grant making site and steps. Ask your CSM to review your website changes and provide feedback, “How to apply instructions” or existing Foundant client website examples, if necessary.
  • Toggle the process(es) to “On” in your live site via the Process Manager page when you are ready for applicants to start applying.
  • Discuss the eReporting option and Candid's Get On the Map campaign with your CSM.
  • Ask your CSM to confirm that you’ve touched on all the tools necessary up to that point in the implementation training. Completion up to Goal # 6 in the Learning Lab is recommended for GoLive. If you need refreshers on items please let your CSM know!
  • Register for Compass and set up your profile.
  • Schedule your next training call if you are going live but continuing with your implementation training after GoLive.
  • Schedule your reviewer training call to be held about two weeks before your first reviewers will come online to evaluate requests.
  • Schedule your applicant training webinar with your CSM if you purchased this option with your initial license
  • Contact support@foundant.com with your quick questions about the software or basic troubleshooting needs. They are always the fastest way to get a response re: those items.