GLM/SLM Terms & Definitions

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: October 17th, 2019

Dashboard When a user logs into the system, the page that appears is called their Dashboard. Depending on their role, the Dashboard shows different information.

  • Administrator Dashboard - when an administrator logs in, their Dashboard will show all of the active requests in the system.  Active requests include any request that has not been denied, abandoned or closed.
  • Grants Manager Dashboarda user with the Grants Manager role’s Dashboard looks very similar to an administrator.  The biggest difference is their Navigation List has far fewer items.
  • Auditor Dashboard -  read-only version of the Grants Manager Dashboard.
    • Note: For the Administrator, Grants Manager and Auditor if no processes have been configured to use LOI's, the LOI stage will not show up on the dashboard.
  • Board Member Dashboardshows all requests that have been assigned to them for evaluation.  Board Members can also access requests in the Evaluations Closed status from their Dashboard.
  • Staff Evaluator Dashboard - shows all requests that have been assigned to them for evaluation.
  • Applicant Dashboard - shows all requests that applicant “owns”. Because administrators can reassign requests to different users in an organization, applicants may be the owner of a request they did not submit.  Requests where the applicant has been assigned to complete a follow up form will also appear on the applicant’s Dashboard, even if they are not the request owner.

Process - the set of steps a request will go through during its lifecycle. These steps are set up and defined by an administrator.  Every request entered into a process will follow the same steps so there may be a need to have multiple processes in a site.  Each process contains an LOI (optional), LOI Evaluation (optional), Application (required), 2 application evaluations (optional), Approval & Denial forms (required), and Follow Up Forms (optional).

Request - the combination of all 

Evaluation Form - Forms assigned to users that will review LOIs and Applications and complete the assigned form to help determine if the LOI should be approved and if the request should be approved or denied.

Follow-Up Form - Forms assigned to awardees after their request has been approved in the system.  These forms are used to capture information that you would like to get back from an awardee.  Follow up forms can be assigned to any contact belonging to the awarded organization as long as that contact has the applicant role and a password is set.  

  • Examples: Grant Agreements, Progress Reports, Interim Reports, Evaluation Reports, Use of Funds Reports, Proof of College Registration, Final Reports