Workload Page Options and Best Practices

Written by Henry Lemp

Last published at: December 4th, 2020

Paging Options

When you click into any of your workload pages from the dashboard (i.e. Application Draft or All Open Approvals), you have the option to set the number of requests displayed per page. The system will default this view to 50 requests per page on all of your individual workload pages. If you select a different paging option, the system will remember what you selected when you log out and log back in.   


If you are displaying numeric data in your columns, you will find an aggregation available. This aggregation will display information relative to the requests shown on the page, as well as an overall sum that takes all requests into account (not just those displayed on the current page). 

For example, the $900,000 total in the screenshot below is the total of the amounts on that page, while the $22,070,000 total is the total of the amounts across all pages of requests for that workload page.


When using sorting functions on your workload pages, all data will be sorted - not just the current page of data being displayed. To apply additional layers of sorting, select the sort icon for your primary sort then hold the shift key on your keyboard while clicking the sort icon on another column to create a sub-sort.

Search Functions

The search bar at the top of all of the workload pages is a keyword search that searches across all of the pages of data that may be present. Any search will also be applied to all related workload pages. 

For example, If you search "92" in the Application Submitted page, the system will also search and update the Application Draft and Application Complete pages as well. 

Your search results display is limited by your paging settings. While you are searching across all requests contained in the workload page, the system will not display more requests per page than you've selected. For example, if you selected to see 10 requests per page but your search finds 50 requests, you will still only see 10 of those requests per page.

Request Selection and Batch Options

When selecting requests by clicking the checkbox options, the system will retain your selection when you move to a different page or change your search criteria. 

If you "select all," only requests displayed on the current page will be selected.

While you can select requests across multiple pages, you can only use batch options on the requests that are displayed on the current page. 


This means that you cannot use batch options across multiple pages. If you want to use batch options for more requests at a time, you'll need to change your paging options to see more requests on the current page.