SLM: Send One Denial Email Per Applicant

Written by Sydney Henderson

Last published at: May 18th, 2021

To send one denial email per applicant, it is recommended that you first deny the requests individually.  You might choose to send only one denial email to an applicant if all of their requests are denied. For applicants who did receive a scholarship but had other denied requests, you might also choose to skip sending them any denial emails. The workflow for sending denial emails to applicants who did not receive any scholarships that they applied for is below. 


  1. After you have entered all of your decisions for applicants, run a report or a quick export (shown below) from the All Open Approvals workload page to pull a list of all scholarship recipients for reference. 
  2. The quick export will look like the screenshot below, and will contain the names of all scholarship recipients.
  3. Click Search in the upper navigation bar, then click Requests & Decisions.
  4. Filter by the Denied status. 
  5. Click Search at the bottom of the page.
  6. Check the Select All box at the top of the list. 
  7. Deselect the names of the scholarship recipients from Step 2. You can use the find feature in your browser (Ctrl+F) to quickly locate those requests.
    • It's important to deselect all requests that show up for a scholarship recipient. For example, if an applicant applied for 10 scholarships and received 1, you’ll need to deselect their 9 denied requests that show up in the search results.
  8. At the bottom of the page click Batch Actions, then click Email Applicants.
  9.  Select your email template, make any adjustments as needed, then click Send Email.
    • This will only send one email per user. You can confirm this by clicking Preview to view each email that will be sent.