Request Summary Overview

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: October 25th, 2019

When an LOI or Application is started in the system, a Request is created. The Request Summary houses all of the information related to that request. The “Request Summary” page is accessible by clicking on the “Project Name” link in any of the workload pages, the Requests & Decisions search page, the Payment Tracking page, within the Organization Summary, on Forms and any other location where the “Project Name” link appears.

The Request Summary contains several tabs all containing access to specific information or possible actions. 

  • The Contact Info tab reflects the name and contact information of the Applicant, as provided by the applicant during the registration process.
  • The Request tab contains:
    • The Current Status informational area under the Request tab reflects all of the forms that have been completed as the request moves through the system through the decision stage. This may include the LOI form, the Application form, Evaluation forms and the decision form.
    • The Request Email History log lists all of the emails that have been sent to any of the organization’s contacts related to the request.  
    • As the request progresses through the process stages, more information will be added and accessible.
    • The Status Change Log tracks changes that occur as the request moves through the stages of the application process.  
    • The Advanced Options section under the Request tab houses two features. The first allows you to revert the status of an application, moving it back to its previous status. The second allows you to reassign the request to a different user within the organization if needed.
  • The Award Details tab will contain approval information including Installment amounts, balances, and due dates. 
    • This tab allows administrators easy access to decision information where they can add or edit installments, payments or edit some approval details.  
    • Note that approval information can be added prior to approving a request.
  • Once a request is approved, the Follow Ups tab will be added to the Request Summary page. In this area, you can edit, delete or review existing follow up assignments and assign new follow ups.
  • The Documents tab is a place where Administrators or Grants Managers can upload documents specifically associated with the request such as decision letters, site visit notes and/or proposal summaries.
  • The Comments tab is a place an administrator can record notes and make comments specifically about the request.
  • The GuideStar Charity Check tab list reflects the most recently run charity check summary, as well as, the option to View Charity Check Log which contains of all of the dates and times that Charity Checks have been run for the organization.