Decrease the Amount Awarded

Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: March 24th, 2020

If you want to indicate that the Amount Awarded has been decreased or removed for a request, while retaining a record of the original installments, you can add a negative installment to the request. 

This is the appropriate action if you want to decrease the Amount Awarded and keep a record of the original installments.

If you need to simply remove an installment, and do not want to retain a record of the original installments, refer to this article instead: Remove an Installment

If you utilize the integration with CommunitySuite, adjustments to installments should be handled within CommunitySuite (not within GLM/SLM). 

Decrease the Amount Awarded

  1. Click on the project name to reach the Request Summary.  
    • The project name can be accessed from multiple locations, including a workload page (i.e. All Open Approvals), the User or Organization Summary page, or the Requests & Decisions search page. 
  2. Click the Award Details tab.
  3. Click Add Installments.
  4. Indicate that you are adding one installment, and fill out the date for the installment. 
    • You might choose to make the date match the date of the original installment, or the date that you are making this adjustment.  
  5. Click the installment to finish configuring it. 
  6. Enter the Installment Amount as a negative number. Enter any notes about this adjustment in the Installment Conditions.
  7. Click Save Installments.
  8. The Installment Total (Amount Awarded) will automatically update, as well as the Balance for the request.

While you can determine the original Amount Awarded via the installments, the original amount will not be visible on the approval form unless you add a custom field and manually record the information (i.e. a field labeled "Original Amount Awarded"). That data could then be pulled into a report as well.